• The Adventurous Life Of An Artist
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The Adventurous Life Of An Artist

The dream always was, and still is, to be an artist. 

When thinking about what that ideal life looks like, I daydream and envision myself with my painting gear, set up next to a perfectly still pond on a beautiful fall day. My dog Ruby is by my side and my wife’s lounging in a camping chair reading a book. I’m so lost in the spirit of the place and busy capturing the amazing light that at first I don’t see my dad walking up to paint side by side with me. He’s a landscape painter too and is my main mentor. Every day isn’t like that, in fact I don’t think that has actually happened yet, but it could someday.

Real life is a slightly less romantic version of that. Ruby does go painting with me, but she’s usually running around trying to tear down every tree thinner than a fire hydrant. Of course my wife likes to lounge and read like the rest of us, but she has a demanding career as a nurse and is pretty busy between that and volunteering.  The truth is no 2 days in the life of an artist are the same: last month I was in Carmel, CA, painting incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, and today I am in my studio writing my first blog entry, ever.  So without further ado, let me welcome you to my blog and, please, allow me introduce myself!

My name is Dan Mondloch and I’m a third generation landscape painter from St. Cloud, MN. I’ve been painting for 17 years, starting in the 9th grade. At St. Cloud State University I studied art, and in 2007 graduated with a BFA in Painting and Drawing (which qualifies you for no job whatsoever). That being said, I painted houses during and after college for about 10 years to make ends meet, and almost 4 years ago I went full time as an artist. I exhibit and sell my work through 3 galleries and various exhibitions, make custom paintings and murals, and teach workshops and k-12 residencies. 

Why start a blog?

I decided to start writing a blog because I wanted to raise awareness about my paintings, but I also wanted to show some of the behind the scenes stuff that students and collectors are often asking about. People wonder when my next class or show is, where they can find or purchase paintings, what inspires me to paint, and what the story is behind that painting. So that’s what I will try to cover in my articles. Other blogs topics may delve a little bit into things like techniques, successes and struggles in the life of an artist, and also some deals and first dibs on new paintings.



So What’s Next?

My next blog will be about my current project called “Perpetual Search”, which is an immersive plein air painting experience where I continue to learn about outdoor painting, plan my career as an artist, share my progress, and of course PAINT! I was thrilled to be awarded a Career Development grant from the Central MN Arts Board and McKnight foundation last October to pursue “Perpetual Search”. My next blog post will highlight my trip to the Plein Air Convention in California. 


 You will see my plein air paintings, demonstration tips I learned, and I will  also share a new and updated career plan where I share things that I aspire for as an artist. That last one is kind of scary to share, but I’ve heard on multiple occasions that you should share your goals with others so they both keep you accountable and also help you achieve those goals. People don’t know how to help you unless they know what you want, right?!

You can expect me to write a blog about once a month, but you may see more due to a new show or workshop announcement. The blog is basically the same thing as the newsletter, so you will conveniently receive an update in emails. Thank you again for following along, I hope to make this interesting and valuable for you as well! Please comment and tell me what you want me to write about! 

Thanks!  - Dan

“This activity is made possible through a grant from the Central Minnesota Arts Board, thanks to funds provided by the McKnight Foundation.” 

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    Dan Mondloch
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