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    Dan Mondloch

Coldest Day Of The Year

"32 Below" 
11x15 Watercolor
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Needless to say, not a plein air piece. Coldest day I can remember. So many more pressing things to do tonight but I haven't painted a watercolor in months and this frigid weather is one of my most inspired times of the year. It's nasty cold, biting wind blows right through no matter how many layers you bundle in, but the more painful it is to be outside, the better it feels to be back in the warmth with all the modern comforts. I love my life, but I have to admit I'm pleasantly surprised and a bit amused to be shocked out of the hypnotic day to day routine by this arctic blast. Had to crawl up on the roof this afternoon to unclog sewer vents that froze shut just from their warm air condensing and freezing the instant it meets the outside air. It's brutal but it also makes you realize you're alive! YES!! How do animals survive this stuff? Nature is simply incredible. Thinking of starting a new tradition of doing an annual piece on the coldest day of the year.



"Sun Dog, 22 Below" | 24x36 | Oil 
Coldest Day 2017, January
There was a bit of a funny confusion the first time I saw the sea smoke/fog on the water in January, but it is breathtaking and the sun dog just adds to the magic of it all. So bitter cold but so absolutely beautiful, spiritual even. I try to remind myself daily to be grateful for everything I have and to find the beauty that's all around us. Part of my #beaverislandseries where Beaver Island Brewing Company commissioned me to paint one painting a month for a year, 12 total. You can head down and see it in person the next time it drops to 20 below, or you can warm up the car, grab a pint, and enjoy the painted version in the taproom


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    Dan Mondloch