Watercolor Workshops

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Many of Dan's students remark how fun and laid back his workshops are, but that they still learned a great deal. Dan's goal is to teach a workshop where people make leaps in their painting knowledge and ability, and do it while having a good time and making new friends!

At the start of each day Dan gives a demonstration with emphasis on easy and smart planning.  Students learn to embrace the strength of large shapes, learn to mix the right color every time, and utilize a 3-step approach to painting a watercolor that eliminates most guesswork. Students benefit from tips on drawing, selecting better subjects, and strategies for effective compositions. Even experienced painters will often find answers to common questions like:

  • How can I paint more expressively?
  • What should I eliminate and simplify in the scene I want to paint?
  • What makes for a good composition? 
  • How do I know what color to use? 

A variety of subjects will be covered in a typical 3-5 day workshop, with the focus being on landscape and outdoor scenes. Both Plein Air and Studio workshops are available. Contact Dan with scheduling and pricing inquiries. 

K-12 Residencies

Give your students an unforgettable watercolor painting experience! They will learn about art history through a fun and easy, step by step watercolor lesson. Each student will get to paint a different picture every day based on famous artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Homer. Watercolor techniques become easy when demystified through daily demonstrations and one-on-one assistance. Dan also offers residencies in drawing and murals.

You can hire Dan directly or you can work with him to explore grant opportunities with the Central MN Arts Board or the regional arts council in your area. Often times most or all of the cost of having a residency can be funded with grants that Dan applies for. 


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If you would like to schedule Dan for a beginner class at your workplace or in your city, please email Dan for pricing and scheduling inquiries!