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Beaver Island Brewing Company

In 2016, Beaver Island Brewing Company commissioned me to paint 12 paintings of the Beaver Island stretch of the Mississippi River in St. Cloud. That's one painting, each month, for one year. What always amazes me is how incredible of a natural resource this is and it sits right in the heart of the city. Whether its hiking the West Trail at 20 below, exploring the sportsmans island bridge in a snowstorm, or kayaking through the backwaters in October, the Beaver Islands are a priceless resource that I'm very grateful to have spent some time with. Get out and enjoy it yourself, and when you've worked up a good thirst, clench it with a beer from the fine folks at Beaver Island Brewing Company

It's also great to see local businesses utilizing the value of local art in their place of business. It really does add value or they wouldn't invest in it. To view a list of other businesses who also see local artwork as a valuable addition to their workspace, visit my Amazing Partners page. If you own a business and would like more information on how to commission a painting or series of paintings, please visit the Commissions Page or contact me danmondloch@gmail.com with additional questions. 


"Sun Dog, 22 Below" | 24x36 | Oil 
Coldest Day 2017, January
There was a bit of a funny confusion the first time I saw the sea smoke/fog on the water in January, but it is breathtaking and the sun dog just adds to the magic of it all. So bitter cold but so absolutely beautiful, spiritual even. I try to remind myself daily to be grateful for everything I have and to find the beauty that's all around us. Part of my #beaverislandseries where Beaver Island Brewing Company commissioned me to paint one painting a month for a year, 12 total. You can head down and see it in person the next time it drops to 20 below, or you can warm up the car, grab a pint, and enjoy the painted version in the taproom.








"Smallmouth Sanctuary"
12x30 Acrylic | #beaverislandseries
Painting 1 of 12 in a year-long series featuring the breathtaking Beaver Islands, sponsored by Beaver Island Brewing Company.


"Calm Stretch" (Detail - In Progress)
#2/12 in the #beaverislandseries where #bibcounionsponsored me to paint 1 picture a month for 12 months. A month late, but like good beer, good paintings take time! Special thanks to Clear Waters Outfitting Company for the lift!


"Hotspot" | 12x30 | Acrylic 
July - #3 in the #beaverislandseries - special thanks to @beaverislandbrew and @cwoutfitting for the lift!


"Catching Up" 12x30 Acrylic is the August painting for my #beaverislandseries where Beaver Island Brewing Company sponsored one painting each month for one year. Also thanks to #cwoutfitters#cwoutfitting for the lift upriver!


Peace and tranquility of a slow float down a maple lined lagoon, listening to the soothing sounds of trickling water.




This might be the first studio oil painting I've ever done, it also happens to be the November#beaverislandseries painting, where I'm creating a painting every month for a year. Thank you so much to the Beaver Island Brewing Company for the sponsorship!
"Nourishing Sunrise"
24x48 | Oil


"Pause" | 48x48 | Oil 
There is peace in watching snow fall - nature's way of whispering shhh... December - #8 of 12 in the#beaverislandseries - special thanks to @beaverislandbrew


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    Dan Mondloch