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Learning To Paint - Embracing the Struggle.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to painting, there are experiences that we all have in common. One painting can be incredibly fun and gratifying, but the next a complete struggle. In this article I share some of the concepts that have given me clarity and a healthy perspective...

How To Make Large Acrylic Paintings: From Raw Materials To Final Clearcoats

In-depth tutorial demonstrating one approach to building large panels and how to paint an acrylic picture on them. This includes the entire process with pictures; what materials to purchase, prices, tools to use, step by step construction, AND the painting process including subject matter, design, undercoating, drawing, blocking in, refining, and finishing touches.

Perpetual Search Exhibition ~ One Year Of Painting Outside

What's it like to paint outside for a year? Here it is, by the numbers...

12 months
225 paintings
57 value sketches
26 paintings sold
120 minutes per painting
27,000 minutes spent painting =
450 hours spent painting =
19 straight days spent painting....read more

Painting On the Beach and the “Perpetual Search”

“Perpetual Search”
is a mini-dream of mine; to learn from some of the best painters in the world and then go on a painting binge where you “find” your voice as an artist while crisscrossing the beautiful backroads of MN…